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Welcome To The Beyond Odyssey Alpha Quadrant Alpha Station Earth 1


If you’re ready for adventure with this IEQB (interactive electronic quest book), then your saga awaits! Enter the transport now to start your recruit traiing to embark on the journey you’ve been waiting for. The Alpha Station is where everything starts for your epic quest and saga.


Enlist now to start your adventure now

How Does The Beyond Odyssey Saga Work,
What Can You Expect In The Quest?

1. Choose Your Path For The Full Beyond Odyssey Experience

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individual plan for cadet experience options

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individual plan for enhanced captain options

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family plan for families 3-5 players, comes in cadet & captain experience options


2. Start Your Mission & View Your Mission Log At “My Account”

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3. Experience Each Episode Of The Interactive Quest Book & Choose You Quest Path.

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4. Finish Each Monthly Episode And Collect Your XP To Level & Rank Up.



5. Sign up as a STAR AMBASSADOR to help refer adventurers and get rewarded.

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Your Partnership Of Montly Subscriptions To Beyond Odyssey Matters To The Future Vision!


each month you partner with us, and refer your friends as an AMBASSADOR you help keep the vision going as we continue to make the entire BEYOND ODYSSEY experience better.


• Interactive Electronic Book Game Series on monthly release

• NFT Collector Cards

• NFT Metaverse Adventure Galaxy coming soon


• Interactive Electronic Book Game Series on monthly release

• the BEYOND ODYSSEY story comes alive in video form monthly

• some of you may get written into the saga or make cameo

• NFT Collector Cards (phase 2)

• NFT Metaverse Adventure Galaxy coming soon


• Do our best to get to a weekly release in traditional TV style seasons

• create feature films of BEYOND ODYSSEY

• release a BEYOND ODYSSEY full immersive metaverse game and video game companion

• translated in other languages

• and more



To step above a normal subscription plan consider a
“FOUNDERS CLUB”membership for even more rewards and benefits.


At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the world embarked on a secret plan unbeknownst to ordinary citizens, decades perhaps centuries in the making. Undercover of secrecy, the world’s nations began to combine into one ruling faction to give ultimate control over to a corporation; in the future, this faction would become known as the United Democratic Alliance, commonly referred to as the UDA. The UDA’s leadership initially comprised a panel of delegates of the remaining superpowers from the United Nations who were only puppets while the masters remained anonymous.

The UDA launched a space colonization initiative to settle our own galaxy. The UDA went on to build Orbital Planetary Colonies (OPCs) while terraforming parts of planets through artificial atmospheric domes (AADs) to build on-planet colonies over the next fifteen decades before branching out into distant space.

During this ever-increasing era of technology, humans have become slaves of their creations. Humanity’s conceited self-reliance, the chaos of centuries, and the continuance of the industrial war complex gave birth to the rising of a more profound unification of galactic worlds.

A remnant of dissidents would no longer comply with being re-educated and escaped into the hinterlands of the galaxy since there were no signs of escape remaining on Earth. These dissidents would later become organized and come to be known as the RIO. Hope began to spread rapidly through the RIO while constantly remaining vigilant to find their promised SENTINEL.

In this quest ahead are the tales of the beyond odyssey saga. Are you ready to explore with us in this next chapters of Beyond Odyssey?