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Interactive Electronic Book Game Series

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The BEYOND ODYSSEY SAGA is where books meet games, and games meet movies. You control the adventure in this faith inspired BookGame Quest that's made for all ages.

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The BEYOND ODYSSEY SAGA is reintroducing GAMEBOOKS with a new INTERACTIVE twist for the 21st Century in the form of BOOKGAMES, ADVENTURE, NFTs, and the metaverse.


You will be playing as Captain Evanson, one of four Phantom Ray Cruiser starship commanders, on a mission to explore the galaxy's far reaches for habitable planets, zones, and resources. Captain Evanson is the adopted child of General Chester Evanson, in which you are being driven to know your true identity. All you have of your past is a pendant waiting for the time to be decoded. As you adventure, you will be brought in on a secret mission for the good of all people that is different than your UDA assigned mission. Time in the experience that you control will unveil your true mission throughout this quest in this interactive electronic quest book.

In the future, all seemed lost as civil war broke out in every nation worldwide. The people turned against the governments after decades of tyranny and the decline of safety and society. People were disappearing without a trace, while the police did nothing to find them or to stop the trafficking. The Elite of society lived like kings, while the people were treated as cattle for their pleasure. Times reached a height of decay that was no longer sustainable, and the people had enough. That's when the Elite used the police as their private enforcers to unleash havoc on residents.

The governments of the world and the United Nations relinquished control over to a corporation called the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the name of peace and stability. All seemed well for a decade as times began normalizing and people let their guards down. Before long, the people started to trust again and traded their concerns for a bit of security provided by the UDA. Soon after gaining the people's trust, the UDA began to enact the "Good Citizen Credit System" to help maintain control and community policing. It worked well... mostly... until a band of dissidents saw through the plot and escaped to the timbers. As living outside the UDA's grip was no longer an option, the dissidents started to plan their escape into distant space.

During this time, the dissidents became organized as the RIO and eventually became the Remnant Federation of States (RFS) after fleeing into the hinterlands of the galaxy. Although they stayed hyper-vigilant for the UDA to uncover their secret locations, word began to spread of a PROMISED SENTINEL. During this time, the UDA launched undercover space pioneering missions to settle parts of the galaxy while looking for any remnant of the dissidents, even though they thought they had wiped them out.

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Traversing The Galactic Adventure Beyond Odyssey

Beyond Odyssey - Genesis Horizon - eBook Cover

The saga begins with the first book "Genesis Horizon" and the introduction, which sets the stage for adventure. Each month on the 4th of the month, a new episode is released starting July 4th, 2022. At the end of the episode, you have a choice to see how the adventure unfolds next. There will be twelve episodes per chapter of Beyond Odyssey, which may increase in the future as our team grows.

As you adventure, there will be items and/or achievements to collect that you will use to unlock levels, rankings, and hints to continue the experience. You will earn achievements as you read and play and earn points to level up. In addition to levelling up, you gain game rank; however, the levelling up and rank are not especially tied together. Every "adventurer" starts as a recruit and will rank up through 11 enlisted ranks, 6 warrant officer ranks, and 11 officer ranks based on US Marine ranks, with a few notable differences.

Beyond Odyssey Game Ranks - Enlisted Beyond Odyssey Game Ranks - Officer

Around the first of every month, we release the "Odyssey Gazette", the Beyond Odyssey Saga newsletter. The "Odyssey Gazette" is part saga informational and part "future" stories that help understand upcoming adventures. Likewise, you want to subscribe for free, and Join the Dispatch to find tips and hints to where items/achievements.

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Dreaming Big into the Stars and Beyond

2022 has sparked a renewed flash of vision with a culmination of technology updates over the last few years. Timing is everything & a vision this huge took time to percolate.

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